Struck by the simplicity

That I love you implicitly

Touching you sparked electricity

That when I finally tasted you I felt felicity

And I never thought to check for your toxicity

A brand of poison that I embraced with much affinity

When I try to express how I feel for you I seem to have no brevity

And that in this moment I know for sure that there is no more room for levity

That I had grown and that my love for you had become a devotion of much severity

And in a loss of words I’d cut my own skin and bleed just to show you my loves intensity

I’d peel back the lids of my eyes and have them cauterized so I could adore you more efficiently

My fists would beat upon my chest till my skin tore and my bones broke just to prove my masculinity

I’d kiss you before sewing your lips shut so that you could never speak and risk you becoming my Antigone

And if the love were to ever leave your eyes then I’d take both of our lives so that you and I could be one into eternity

– G

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