God, it’s been raining
And I know what you’re saying
That while I’m crying about this illness
You’re begging your son to ask you for forgiveness
That if I’d ask you pull me in your arms and clean my heart
But you’re not real and I never want any of my suffering to be very far
You see I hold it close because it’s all I’ve known
And with it I’d never be alone
Millions of little voices whispering all the evil things that may be happening
Each of their little footsteps are dampening
My senses… and yet they were burning in a deep purple fire
Then I tripped into a well and I started drowning but I was just glad to be out of the pyre
Instead of suffocating my lungs were filled with something sweet and I became addicted
I started to live to love a life with a love of mine that was my life, I was afflicted
By the greatest lie that could ever be
That anyone could ever love me
I believed in that lie & for a very long while it seemed like everything might’ve been fine
But little did I know that just in the nick of time a seed was planted by the demon in me
His one fang dripped with our poison as I dunked into the most nurturing of places
And as hard as it fought the love in that well couldn’t stop it from taking soil on
And God that demon is more real to me than you’d ever be and I’m his son
Because you watched as he planted that seed that’d sprout lilacs and amethyst wings
You watched as it’s pollen would become voices that whispered the same terrible things
That drove me to the brink before but now that well is gone & there’s just an edge that encompasses all
And God it’s no short fall

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