words from the black hole [ I ]

As time bends in deference
As light is pulled back into the abyss
I will endeavor to keep your hearts and dreams
A singularity of love lost and nightmares realized
A torch doused
A final embrace

Press thy lips together and silence your scream
Tighten your countenance
My words are harsh and permanent
But not going gently into this good night
Writes a statement that none will ever read
Welcome the disruption of destiny

Reject the expanse
The twirling and tumbling festivals of fire and flowers
Birth and vibrancy are couched in death and violence
Where suns burn bright and water becomes life
Pain is born in equal measure to joy
This gamble is forced upon you

But I am a certainty
There is peace in obliteration
A promise devoid of malice
A stillness
A kindness
An end


She whispers harshly
That the ghosts have come
Hands and feet drag by
Like a winter fog

Knotted fingers grasp the door
Footsteps like last gasps of air
A cold chill rips up my spine
I look past my sister’s face

Hollow eyes stare back
Before I can scream
She is pulled away
When I close my eyes

I can still see the whites of hers