I don’t want to be happy

If it’s too greedy

Universe, just let me know either way

If you can take this pain away

I don’t need any thing other than this

Just take me away from my abyss

Just take all my feelings

Clip these wings

I don’t want to soar if it means falling so far

That I lose track of where the clouds are

I would rather be numb

Because otherwise I fear I will succumb

Chained Maple

Your love is always on my mind

I can hear those wedding bells ringing

And they aren’t mine

Oh, how could I let you go

Let you fall for those lies

Those lies that we all sow

I’ll run up to those doors and kick them down

I’ll sweep you off of your feet

And we’ll skip this town

My love found a way

Now I can be happy

And next to me you’ll always stay

where i met the road

you’re all so kind
you have convinced me that i have nothing to hide
it’s an exciting new affliction
what do you think

can you see that we’re so blind
choke on it, yeah, down that cyanide
express to me with all that conviction
bring me to the brink

burn baby, corrupt my mind
i love it, i’d definitely let you ride
we only live once so fuck restriction
capped with a smile and a wink

but my own love i couldn’t find
she’s so lost, i hope she hasn’t died
gurgle out her last respects, giving into my constriction
i killed my own love so this hate i shall drink

Help Me Get Away

I dreamt we held hands. Your hair was so golden and bright that it almost burned to look at you. I pressed my lips to yours and felt a spark. That electricity pierced through my soul and filled me with more love than I could bear. It was so vivid that I could almost feel you, smell you… taste you. Then, I remembered you were not real and I saw the faces of all the women I had ever loved. That same spark began to crackle through my skull, shocking me into wakefulness. My body was so overwhelmed by the heartache of it all that I woke up gripping my chest, gasping for air. My eyes stung from the pain and I could only suffer in a quiet, blind terror. You were not a dream; you were a nightmare.